Storytellers With an Eye on the Bottom Line

Before people buy your products or services, they need to buy your story.

Great web content sells your expertise, your credibility, your trustworthiness and your values to potential customers.

Every Brafton writer is a storyteller at heart. But they’re also business-savvy digital marketers with extensive experience writing with authority on subjects ranging from niche B2B verticals to broad B2C industries. They can adopt your brand’s voice – or help you find it.

More importantly, they can create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and ranks well on search engines for targeted keywords.


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Content Writing Services


We’re a full-service digital marketing agency that knows the importance of high quality content throughout your marketing strategy.

Our team of expert content writers are trained on the most up-to-date SEO tactics, AP style and research best practices to ensure every piece of content that we deliver is of exceptional quality and will provide the results you need.




Content Writing Services

Blog Posts

Most B2B and B2C content marketers agree: Blog content is the most effective type of web content writing for building brand awareness. But when a new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds, “good enough” won’t make the cut.

The difference between good content and great content is a team of talented writers armed with data from Google Analytics, SEMrush and other platforms. Content for search engine optimization (SEO) is the outcome of masterful scribes taking insights from content marketing strategists and weaving them into blog posts that are on-brand, on-point and eventually, on Page 1.

We can deliver short-form blog posts and news articles. Or, we can craft long-form content that demonstrates thought leadership and engages readers with empathetic anecdotes. Either way, the original content we provide is always well-researched, well-written and optimized to satisfy searcher intent and improve your online presence.


If the goal of blog posts is to lure readers into deeper engagements, white papers are an example of that engagement. More than half of all content marketers leverage white papers for lead generation. These staples of inbound marketing showcase industry expertise and thought leadership in a polished document.

When someone provides an email address in exchange for a white paper, they’re demonstrating that they trust in your expertise enough to give away their contact information in exchange for quality content. Don’t let them down.

每一个白皮书需要彻底researched and expertly crafted. Brafton writers have the research acumen, data-gathering skills, industry-specific expertise and business writing experience necessary to speak on behalf of your brand’s expertise. Our team can also interview your internal subject matter experts to fully capture your brand’s voice and highlight the most important aspects of the topic at hand.

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services


A Brafton eBook is the perfect intersection of our editorial and graphic design teams. These visual assets are beautifully designed to capture attention, but can be written with the same level of expertise and authority as a white paper.




More than 80% of web users skim content in search of specific information. This means the majority of copy on any given webpage is just filler for certain key information.

Infographic writing summarizes that key information in succinct bullet points that contain quick-hitting facts, quotes and statistics. This information is then visually represented with graphs, graphic design and illustrations.


Once formatted, you can embed infographics in blog posts or gate them as mid-funnel assets that serve your marketing strategy.

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services


The case study is a cornerstone of any content marketing strategy, and a mainstay among our content creation services. It’s your way of turning satisfied customers into brand advocates. Leads expect you to brag about your brand. But when they hear customers singing your praises, it really resonates.

Case in point:68%的B2B营销影响者说,案例研究是营销资产最受信任的类型。

Brafton’s expert writers know how to tell a story that puts the reader in the role of the protagonist. They’re skilled interviewers who can tease quote-worthy content from case study subjects. Or, they can write from transcripts to meet a tighter turnaround time.

Most importantly, they’re natural storytellers who deftly weave the competitive advantages and value propositions of your products and services into an engaging narrative. With our content writers’ help, your customers can make the case for your brand to deep-funnel leads who are starting to show intent to buy.



您的副本需要干净,简洁和优化,以便为高价值关键字排名。No pressure.

Developing SEO-forward website copy is half science, half art.


一半是艺术见解的三角裤and working secondary keywords and main topics to discuss into SEO friendly content that’s scannable yet truly represents your brand’s value proposition.

It’s a tall order. Nearly three-quarters of all businesses struggle with landing page optimization – but not our website content writers. Our editorial, consulting and technical teams collaborate on landing page projects to develop fully optimized website copy, whether it’s landing page copy for your most recent white paper, or new content for a total website redesign.

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

电子邮件Copy & Newsletters

电子邮件marketing yields $44 for every $1 spent, on average.

Realizing this return on investment requires a strong email marketing strategy that uses blog posts, conversion landing pages and gated content designed to build your email list. But email marketing also requires click-worthy subject lines and punchy copy that gets subscribers opening your messages and clicking on your calls to action.

Brafton Coperwriters了解到,在电子邮件中更少。他们编写新闻通讯来宣传您的博客文章。他们制作的一次性销售电子邮件电子邮件可插入您的最新电子书或白皮书。他们甚至在您专门的内容营销策略师的帮助下创建端到端的电子邮件滴灌活动。

If it’s email content creation, we do it. Engage recipients with concise, conversational and memorable language.


Our content writers are also copywriters. They know how to create value-added copy that informs, entertains and inspires. But they also know when to put on their direct marketing and advertising hats.

Calls to action embedded in blog posts, copy for text ads, display ads, banner ads, paid search listings, social media posts, conversion prompts on websites and blogs, asset landing pages and brochures are some examples of the copywriting that our in-house wordsmiths have experience crafting.

There’s a time and a place for terse, action-oriented language – and our writers have a knack for using that language at the right place, at the right time.

Content Writing Services
Content Writing Services

Video & Animation Scripts

Video content accounts for nearly 80% of all internet traffic. For marketers, a well-made video can work wonders: 97% of businesses say video helps people understand their offerings. A lot of information can be conveyed in a short, engaging clip.






  • Guest posts that appear in industry magazines.
  • 在行业会议上提供的网络研讨会和幻灯片。
  • 传单或小册子分发会议和公司活动。
  • One-pagers to bring to sales meetings.
  • 执行摘要,用于原始研究,产品描述,LinkedIn摘要,社交活动的演讲,企业培训材料等等。