Local SEO is exactly what it sounds like: SEO for a specific geographic region.

Just because it’s geared toward a smaller subset of customers does not mean it’s less important or time-intensive than a broader SEO campaign. To some extent, every business is a local business, and a Page 1 search result on Google, or better yet, the Local PackonPage 1, is the best business listing of all.

Local SEO strategy in many respects boils down to optimizing your existing online presence within Google apps and increasing your brand reach across relevant local directories.


Increased local organic traffic to your site leads to increased foot traffic through your front door — or increased on-site conversions.

You can think of local SEO as being everywhere your local customers need you to be — all at once.

Brafton Local SEO Services

Brafton has been a leading digital marketing agency for 10+ years, and we’ve adapted our local SEO service alongside industry changes and best practices. Our SEO experts know what it takes to get your company to appear in local business listings, Google Maps and Google SERPs — all within the same SEO campaign.

As a full-service local SEO agency, our strategists and consultants craft campaigns to capitalize on your organization’s near- and long-term commercial opportunities, pushing your digital presence forward every day with local SEO that converts.


  • Google我的业务优化。
  • Local citation management.
  • Local listing monitoring.
  • Brand monitoring.
  • 声誉管理。
  • 局部内容创建。
  • 本地化站点副本刷新。
  • 局部元数据分析和优化。
  • 关键字研究。
  • 目标链接构建。
  • NAP (name, address, phone #) verification.
  • 客户审查招标和响应。
  • 移动优化。
  • 结构化数据标记。
  • 业务目录优化。
  • Google Maps ads.
  • Google帖子出版。
  • On-page optimization.

Brafton SEO服务可完全根据您公司的今天和明天的独特需求定制。可以一起购买,作为大型SEO活动的一部分,也可以根据需要签约。无论哪种方式,您始终拥有本地SEO专家。



With Brafton, your potential
so within reach.


SEO is really an omnichannel initiative, especially in the local realm.

Signals from social media, backlinks and online business directories all influence SEO results, which means you need an SEO firm that’s versed in many marketing disciplines. That includes the strategy to plan campaigns, the coordination to execute on them and the talent to see your projects come to life — all in one local SEO package.

Brafton’s SEO expertise is complemented by technical support from our web developers, ideation and creation from our multidisciplinary creative departments and end-to-end accountability from project managers.


With Brafton, there’s no need to juggle multiple vendors, outsourced contractors or unvetted freelancers — everything’s done in a cohesive, collaborative workflow you can trust. You’ll work with a dedicated SEO expert who can guide your strategy in the right direction.


Google as Your Homepage

Google as Your Homepage

We take a methodical, data-backed approach to engineering SEO victories, and that often starts with optimizing your brand across Google’s suite of interconnected applications.

Google会自动将业务数据从您的Google My Business帐户中导出到许多其他重要的在线营销渠道,包括:

  • Google Maps.
  • 本地三包。
  • 知识面板。
  • Google Posts.
  • Mobile SERP carousels.

That said, the proper transfer and population of this information — addresses, services, etc. — is only possible if your Google My Business profile is appropriately claimed, set up and optimized.

With Brafton, every Google SERP effectively serves as the front door to your business.When searchers need you, they find you.


Organic SEO ranking factors have an enormous impact on whether your company is visible online and how much traffic you can expect to generate.

While the core tenets of SEO apply in principle, local search follows subtly different practices because the ranking factors in play are weighted differently in the eyes of search engines.

Industry studies have shown that the top local SEO ranking factors that should influence your marketing campaigns are:

Local SEO factors - 2

  • 页面信号:32%
  • 链接信号:31%
  • Behavioral signals: 10%
  • Personalization: 7%
  • Google My Business signals: 7%
  • 引用:6%
  • Reviews: 6%

Local SEO factors - 3

Local SEO services must be tailored to user experience because customer reviews and social commentary have an outsized impact on your site’s ranking potential. In terms of local SEO best practices, the above ranking factors are a great base on which to build your next campaign.

Local Marketing for a Local Market

Brafton’s local SEO work increases your presence in search, in local listings and in online directories of every kind.


To earn the attention, trust and authority of your local market segment, Brafton SEO experts capitalize on any and all local citations we find across the web. Those citations often come from online directories like:

  • 喊叫。
  • TripAdvisor.
  • Google我的业务。
  • 更好的商业局。
  • FacebookMarketplace.
  • 亚马逊。
  • 宾地方。
  • Foursquare.
  • 商会。
  • Local.com.
  • 安吉的名单。
  • Yext。
  • Merchant Circle.
  • LinkedIn Company目录。
  • 苹果地图。
  • 更多的。


Create my strategy and get pricing:

How Local SEO Fits With Other SEO Campaigns

How Local SEO Fits With



因此,您的公司可能需要在本地SEO之外或除了在本地SEO之外或之外使用SEO服务 - 我们已为您提供服务。

Brafton’s SEO experts engineer bespoke campaigns for:

Regional SEO:

  • Region-specific organic content creation.
  • 针对地理的长尾关键字。
  • 高价值链接构建。


  • Broad, location-agnostic keyword ranking.
  • 特色片段优化。
  • Enterprise-level link building.
  • 多站点多品牌管理。
  • 高级受众细分和列表构建。


  • 跨国内容创建。
  • Language localization.
  • Multi-domain and multi-site management.
  • 全球关键字研究。


We also work laterally across many different content formats and technical disciplines, providing:

On-page SEO.

Off-page SEO.



Mobile SEO.


E-commerce SEO.

If you need search engine optimization, you’ve come to the right place. There’s no such thing as an SEO service that we don’t offer.

Local SEO, Big Results

Local SEO, Big Results



Up and down the sales funnel, and throughout the customer journey, your dedicated team drives results regardless of scale. From conception to creation to conversion, the full lifecycle of your digital marketing is optimized for the qualified leads you intend to earn. This translates to cold, hard ROI.

会见当地Brafton SEO顾问开始getting the local results your business needs.

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