Search engine optimization is the process of improving the content ranking in internet searches. Most people don’t explore past the first page of search results, and many don’t even scroll to the bottom of that page. That’s why it’s so important that your brand’s content is visible to consumers as soon as they hit “search.”


Need help getting on that first page? That’s where Brafton comes in.

它喜欢与支持的brafton seo顾问合作

它喜欢与支持的brafton seo顾问合作




  • 建立品牌意识。
  • 构建后部链接配置文件。
  • Enhance your website for better visibility.
  • Focus on local SEO.


Why Expert Advice Makes a Difference

Why Expert Advice Makes a Difference



That’s why advice from an SEO expert at Brafton is so valuable. We’ll conduct extensive research so you don’t have to. And, we’ll use our findings to help you develop an effective SEO strategy.

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On-Page Analysis

On-Page Analysis

Your company’s website is everything. It’s where potential customers can see your blog posts and other inbound marketing assets, as well as your landing pages and catalogs for your products and services. Ultimately, it’s where your clients make their purchasing decisions.

Your website has to be picture perfect. A Brafton SEO consultant can help you achieve that by:

  • Improving your HTML headings and URLs.
  • Optimizing all of your on-page content.
  • 在战略上choosing the right title tags and meta descriptions.
  • 直观地构建内部链接。
  • 在图像上实现有效的Alt文本。

Your on-page presence is an essential part of your SEO campaign. Drive more organic traffic with our SEO consultant services.



The word “audit” sounds intense, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is.


Bronze audit:


Silver audit:

铜牌审计踢了一个陷波 - 银审计也发现您的网站的顶级错误,但为您提供了更详细的报告。您的SEO顾问将展示您网站功能的记分卡,以及对他们找到的每个错误的深入分析。

Gold audit:

When you opt for a gold audit, we’ll dive even deeper into discovering the errors impacting your website. We’ll discover not only the high-level concerns, but smaller, more nitty gritty issues. Your SEO team seeks to not only point out the errors in your website, but make sure you understand why they are there and how to fix them.

Platinum audit:

A platinum audit leaves no stone unturned. We’ll find every error, big and small, and give you a detailed set of recommendations on how to resolve them. We’ll even research your top 5 competitors to see what they are accomplishing and what edges you have over them. The result is a highly detailed branded report.

Your website is integral to your brand’s success, and website errors are indistinguishable to the untrained eye. If your content consistently fails to rank highly, our team of SEO experts at Brafton can figure out what needs to change.

Search Performance Briefs

Search Performance Briefs

Want to focus on outranking your competitors? A Search Performance Brief (SPB) is the way to go.

SPBs are blueprints for creating content. They involve extensive keyword research, as well as investigation into the kinds of questions your target audience commonly asks search engines. We’ll give you a list of important keywords and topics to hit, as well as a suggested outline for how the content should flow.

Our SPBs are an important part of the SEO effort. They give your company an idea of what your goals should be as well as advice on how to achieve them.

Your Brafton SEO Consultant Can Deliver ROI

Your Brafton SEO Consultant Can Deliver ROI

BRAFTON.’s SEO consultants pride themselves on delivering results. By researching how to best optimize content and then delivering engaging, well-researched assets, our clients not only reach the top of search engine rankings, but they also earn the trust and loyalty of consumers.

我们的SEO服务沉浸在严格的市场和关键词研究中。我们在全球范围内的客户信任了充分理由 - 我们已经经历了试验和错误阶段。现在,我们只是实施我们所知的战略。bob综合app官网下载

Don’t believe us? Just look at the success stories from our clients on how our SEO strategy helped them achieve business goals like increasing brand awareness, driving more organic traffic to their websites and converting more leads into loyal patrons.

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